November 7th 2014 - On Friday i left home for the Dominatrix weekend wich started on Friday and would end on Sunday. In the weeks before i had several conversations with models to plan shoots during this weekend. Mostly these weekends are very hectic and sometimes plans go wrong because of rehearsels and fittings. So it happened that in 2013 my shoot with Starfucked didnt happen and so now in 2014 we wanted to make sure this wouldn't happen again. So i took the day of and drove of to Akersloot early. 
Starfucked was already there and had just been shooting with Alexandra Sleaze or Belinda Bärtzner, so we met in her hotel room..picked an outfit and decided to have fun in the bathroom.
A new experience for her, but one she loved very did i :P

Hope you like the results too