Eden Berlin

In the beginning of 2010 Peter Domenie asked me if i would be interested to shoot some of his outfits, i was already suprised that he asked me and had faith in me.

When he told me his ideas and the model who i was going to photograph i got nervous. Eden Berlin....damn....a big international model......damn...what an honour!!!!

on April 27th, 2011, i packed my stuff and drove off to Peter...made a short stop to fill up my car with benzine and fill myself with some RedBulls...when i wanted to continue my drive, my car would not start....F#$% . Luckily the "Wegenwacht" fixed my car in no time and i continued to Peter and Eden.

This was a memorial day.....travelling and shooting in my favourite city Rotterdam with Peter and a stunning model! We shot on several hotspots and made many,

many, many, many pictures. Hope to work with Eden more in the future